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World Premier Review i hifi-magasinet Positive Feedback.

The Statement 2 does many things well, and some things no other cartridge I know can do. I will try to explain.

Neutrality:  Every LP I played was more authentic and unique with the Statement than my previous cartridge experiences. I had blamed my various phono stages for romantic or sweetened definition. I was wrong. It was my cartridges.

Definition:  Produces top notch textural nuance as any moving coil. Best violins, vocals, and piano I have experienced. In-the-room-sound.

Reality:  Yields a sense of “you are there” definition I have never heard before. Alive.

Clarity:  The Statement has the lowest distortion and least smear from phase distortion of any cartridge I know of.

Dynamics:  Almost as dynamic as the London Decca cartridges. Equals the best of the best MC´s.

Width/Depth/Height:  Absolutely excellent. Produces trendsetting definition in all dimensions.

Highs:  Clear, open, and extended. Lowest distortion.

Mids:  More real, alive, and dynamic than I have ever heard before.

Bass:  Deep, tight, fast and huge. Matches all other ranges without bloat. Extraordinary definition.

Tracking:  Perfect.

A tremendous bargain.   Læs hele testen her




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